List of Artists Announced for 2017 Lianzhou Foto

Thematic Exhibition Curators

Sandra Maunac (Spain/France)

Joanna Lehan (USA)

Zhang Bing (China)

Curatorial Team

Robert Pledge (USA)

Lucille Reyboz (France/Japan)

Yusuke Nakanishi (Japan)

Peter Prfunder (Switzerland)

Hai Jie (China)

Zhou Yan (China)

Guo Xiaohui (China/UK)

Thematic Exhibition

Carlos París (Venezuela) —— Singular

Heba Khalifa (Egypt) —— Homemade

Óscar Monzón (Spain) —— Extasis

Jacob Burge (UK) —— Face Off

Mark Page (UK) —— Sodley-on-Sea

Nación Rotonda (Spain) —— Roundabout Nation

Yuki Naito (Japan) —— Mine, Yours or Theirs?

Bayeté Ross Smith (USA) —— Our Kind of People

Wendell White (USA) —— School for the Colored

Amalia Ulman (Argentina) —— Excellences & Perfections

Ye Funa (China) —— Peep Stream

Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong (China) —— Verge(Cursor)

#Everyday Africa (Africa) —— #Everyday Africa

Eyesonchinaproject (China) —— #Eyesonchinaproject

Shang Liang(China) —— One Thousand Self-portraits

Alia Ali (USA) —— Cast No Evil

Hannah Whitaker (USA) —— Hide Your Daughters

Josh Begley (USA) —— Best of Luck With the Wall

Nina Katchadourian (USA) —— Seat Assignment

Chow and Lin (Singapore) —— Equivalence—The Ecological Footprint of Fish

Special Exhibition

Issei Suda (Japan) —— Minyou Sanga

Masato Seto (Japan) —— Cesium

Enari Tsuneo (Japan) —— War Orphans

Solo Exhibition

Reagan Louie (USA) —— The Chinese Dream

Suzy Lake (Canada) —— Beauty and the Aging Body

Shinya Arimoto (Japan) —— Tokyo Circulation

Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger (Switzerland) —— ICONS

Kurt Tong (Hongkong) —— Combing for Ice and Jade

Sara Angelucci (Canada) —— Arboretum

Daniel Traub (USA) —— Little North Road

Adam Panczuk (Poland) —— Karcezeby

Masamich Kagaya (Japan) —— Autoradiograph

Akihito Yoshida (Japan) —— Falling Leaves

Chen Wei (China) —— Coins (Girl in Deep Thought)

Yan Ming (China) —— Country of Ambition

Sun Yanchu (China) —— Ficciones

Zhang Jin (China) —— ME

Zhang Kechun (China) —— Between Mountains and Waters

Murong Tuoxie (China) —— Murong Tuoxie

Ao Guoxing (China) —— Nameless

Xu Peiwu (China) —— Sunset over the Endless Yangzi River

—A Poetic Journey alongside Yangzi River in honor of Bai Li

Du Zi (China) —— Dust

Ni Weihua (China) —— Portraits of Mannequins

Liu Yujia (China) —— Black Ocean

Tang Haowu (China) —— The Power of Graffiti

Yang Tiejun (China) —— The Unforgetable Images of Yangzi River

Teng Fei  (China) —— Hey

Li Lin (China) —— Dan Wei

Li Ming (China) —— The Explicit Islam

Wu Dengcai (China) —— Ancestral Hall

Jiang Zhenqing (China) —— The High Sky and Thick Earth

Bo Shang (China) —— Code

Dragon Zheng (China) —— Interface Syndrome

Chen Canrong (China) —— Like Flowers

Chen Min (China) —— A Settler’s Photo Album

Zhou Mengting (China) —— IN THE ROOM IV

Gu Zhongsheng (China) —— Hot Pink

Liu Xiang (China) —— State of Mind

Fan Xi (China) —— All Beings

He Bo (China) —— Since Then, No One Has Talked with You

Zhao Xin (China) —— States of Life

Tan Qiumin (China) —— Monitor

Li Zhixiong & Tian Zhong (China) —— Running All The Way

Li Weikun (China) —— The Time of Peace

Xu Yihua (China) —— Style of monitoring records

Tu Tuguo (China) —— We Are Shaped by The Scenery We See