The opening of the new Lianzhou Museum of photography in addition to the exhibition and study of Chinese and foreign contemporary photography, to show charm and significance of photography culture, another important mission is to serve the citizens of Lianzhou to provide a public education photography window, we will regularly held here each kind of interaction with the public, let people know and learn about photography knowledge and culture.

In the new year, a museum planning for all public activities, and we work together to welcome the new year .


The ancient family portrait shooting free process

Time: December 31st

Venue: Lecture Hall of Lianzhou Museum of photography

Number: 20 families in Lianzhou

Lianzhou Museum of photography and large format photography association of Guangdong province to launch with the traditional craft photography shooting family portrait photo activity. By Lv Yuchao, Lu Xiao, Ren Feng, Wang Zhengke, Huang Yuxiang, Sha in the five famous photographer in the museum for 20 families in Lianzhou with a large format camera shooting technology of traditional black and white silver and wet plate collodion family portrait.

Citizens can shoot through this interaction to understand the history of photography the most important imaging technology. The 20 pieces of the original family portrait will be Lianzhou Photography Museum closed for the permanent collection, each family photo shoot will be free access to Lianzhou Museum of photography is framed by the artist's signature, can save the museum more than 100 years of class micro art collection photos.

* tips:

Wet plate photography method called collodion photography, is an ancient photography from nineteenth Century, with glass or iron when film photography, it is coated in a clean glass on the collodion as the main material of the solvent, and then immersed in silver nitrate, removed while maintaining moist filming, and developing, fixing the film, made positive or negative photographic technique.

Daguerreotype is Daguerre invented in 1839 by the mercury vapor exposure of the silver coated on development effect. The exposure time photography method is about 30 minutes, produced by this method has a photo texture delicate, uniform colors, easy to fade, can not copy and images about the opposite characteristics.

The photo is mixed with egg white protein emulsion smear made on paper base paper and printing photos, it is the most popular in the hard version of the photo after printing.

"Family portrait" recruitment methods (limited number, registration has selected 17 December 30th deadline) :


Registration: telephone call 0763-3100058 Leave. The name of the person in charge of family registration [contact] ;

Methods two:

Mail registration: the family unit, send mail theme A few people apply for family portrait [+] family To the mailbox: , The name of the person in charge of family registration [contact].


Lianzhou Museum of photography duty Tour

Time: December 31st

The first morning: 10:30 - 11:20

Second: 15:00 p.m. - 15:50

Location: Lianzhou Museum of photography

The Lianzhou International Photography Festival, director of Lianzhou Photography Museum curator Ms. Duan Yuting to bring in the opening exhibition of four Chinese and foreign masters exhibition tour:

Albert Watson is one of the most influential masters in photography in twentieth Century, had the director Hitchcock and the British supermodel Kate Moss, apple founder Jobs and other classic characters in "the Janus income lens, double" series featured offbeat works his forty years photography career; won the 2017 BMW Art Prize of the French new resident photographer Baptiste Habison ought to be "Rose" a combination of traditional and digital photography techniques, fusion of still life and portraits; Chinese new photography is one of the representatives of the Zhuang Hui "no quiet land", the artist is deeply rooted in the Chinese land, questioning to the evolving social identity, also lasting relationship to the land and people ask again; the last century 80s international renowned Zhang Haier, is China modern photography in the development of one of the most important representatives of the "girl" series to show us the same beautiful girls in a change.

Methods: to call 0763-3100058 Leave. [applicants name, contact] , Mandarin tour, free to participate in.